Welcome West Seattle Herald readers!

Update (9/19): Wow! We’re seeing an unbelievable response from West Seattle, with insane traffic every day. Incredible — glad to see that there’s some sanity on the issue coming out of the SW Peninsula. And they say you can’t buy fairness!


What a pleasant surprise — the West Seattle Herald seems to have printed a letter from a fellow plastic bag supporter pointing readers to this humble little outpost of the web. (A big thank you to Mr./Ms. Wilson who wrote the letter! Please, leave us a comment so we know who you are and can say thank you!)

In anticipation of seeing some new visits the site from the Lower West Side, I wanted to take the opportunity to point out a few key pieces that help explain where we stand and what we’re doing here:

  • We Can’t Afford the Seattle Bag Tax links to several of our key arguments about the unfair impact of this proposed 20 cent fee — a “plastic bag death tax”, as we like to call it. This is critical reading that we humbly suggest will shed a whole new light on the arguments about the plastic bag ban.
  • About Us helps to explain who we are and what the principles of the plastic bag industry are
  • Our post on the so-called “Progressive Bag Advocates” reads the riot act on plastic bag industry groups engaging this debate with less honesty than us.
  • And “Why the Silence?” calls out groups that supposedly represent the interests of lower-income communities — but don’t do so half as well as plastic bag makers!

Thank you for visiting, and thank you for your support. It may only be a few disposable bags at a time, but multiplied by the millions and millions and millions… well, let’s just say that our shareholders thank you!


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