Put your conspiracy theories on hold

Over at The Stranger’s irritatingly anti-bag “Slog” website, a sniveling enviro tried to evoke sarcasm in a comment thread, responding to a link we added to the conversation with:

How much do you want to bet that both Plasticman and Mr. X work for the plastics industry and are getting paid for their BS rants right now?

Posted by ecogal | August 28, 2008 12:54 PM

I don’t know this Mr. X character, but how dare this “ecogal” accuse us of having a hidden agenda? Our agenda is plain: to support the use and manufacture of clean, sanitary, disposable plastic bags. We make no bones about standing up for plastic bags. Plastic bags have always been there, free at point of purchase, whenever we’ve needed them; we’ll be there for the bag as well. Frankly, if our agenda were “hidden”, that’s mean we’re secretly anti-bag! (That’d hardly go over well in the Plasticman household!)

In any case, we made sure that ecogal’s slur on our reputation didn’t stand uncontested:


@ecogal: Mr. X may work for the plastic industry, I dunno, I don’t recognize his name. But I, theplasticman, have hardly hidden my agenda or who I represent. The name of my website is “Plastic Bag Makers for More Plastic Bags.” There’s no need for conspiracy mongering about a hidden agenda when the agenda of the plastics industry is in plain view, from setting up websites to helping finance signature gathering.

We in the plastics field have interests at stake here, and it’s our job to represent those interests. That’s how democracy works. If you don’t like it, go declare your tree-sit a sovereign territory or something.

For the facts, visit https://theplasticman.wordpress.com


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