Can our cats afford the Seattle bag tax?


Does the Seattle bag tax mean that toilet training your cat is the only affordable option?

Does the Seattle bag tax mean that toilet training your cat is the only affordable option?

It’s a well-known fact that cats live longer lives when kept indoors — even if those lives are less interesting and in fact depressing enough that feline support for I-1000 is off the charts.


And cats living indoors means litter boxes.

And litter boxes means dirty litter.

And that means plastic bags.

Plastic bags — by the tens of thousands — have been the kitty litter carrier of choice since plastic bags were widely introduced. It’s no wonder — they’re cheap, clean, and oh-so-disposable. In fact, carrying kitty litter is a great way to “re-use” a plastic bag in a way that makes you feel great about re-using it at the same time you’re throwing it away. We here at Plastic Bag Makers for More Plastic Bags just love that kind of feel-good do-little stuff! 

Picture it: you’re filling a good old American-marketed plastic bag (made in China of Russian petroleum) with this morning’s business from your beloved Fluffy. It’s a typical Seattle scene, made possible by the plastic bag industry.

But now picture this: the city is stealing the bag out of your hand just as you’re filling it at the litter box. The tax took away your bag, and now you don’t have the bag you need anymore! Clumps of litter are suddenly littering the floor — now you have a mess, and all because the Seattle bag tax ripped the plastic bag right out of your hands, just when you needed it. 

And that’s exactly what the plastic bag tax will be: a big mess.

But what options do you have? Should you let Fluffy outside, now that you can’t afford the convenience of a sanitary disposable plastic bag? That will surely shorten his lifespan — but do you have a choice? If you’re a working family, you most certainly do not. And there’s nobody the plastic bag industry cares about more than poor people. (That’s why we love siting our factories in poor neighborhoods!)

The Seattle bag tax: consider the consequences.


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