Can Bag Ladies Afford the Bag Tax?

Should bag ladies pay the price?

Should bag ladies pay the price?

Mayor Nickels and the Seattle establishment say they have a 10-year plan to end homelessness.

But their plastic bag tax tells a different story.

Everyone knows that bag ladies are major users of plastic bags. It’s not well-known, but that is, in fact, how they got their name.

Just look over there at the stock photo associated with this post.

Even without a plastic bag tax, this poor woman is already homeless and destitute. Just imagine the state she’ll be in if forced to pay 20 cents per bag in the future. She’ll lose everything she’s gathered in those sadly beautiful sacks, abandoned by the city’s ruling class, left to push an empty shopping cart through what’s become nothing more than an eco-tourism retreat for the rich.

At least the city council hasn’t recycled her cardboard mattress. Is that next, Councilmember Conlin?


We in the plastic bag industry are determined to improve the lives of the homeless, and cheap disposable bags are key to our approach. Before cheap disposable plastic bags derived from petroleum-based compounds were widely introduced in the 1970s, there was no weather-proof way for people of the street to carry their belongings — you try putting your stuff in a canvas tote through a rainy Seattle winter and see how that works out! By providing cheap disposable bags by the millions and millions and millions and millions every year, we make sure there’s an ample free supply of gently used & slightly-dirtied bags available for the less fortunate. It’s just something we do.

We’re plastic bag makers. We care — about selling more plastic bags by any means possible.


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